Just a bit early…

…or is Macy’s just a bit needy?

As I walked up Washington Street in downtown Chicago yesterday, I was taken aback with the Christmas decorations already up inside Macy’s (formerly Marshal Field’s) State Street store.  The main State Street windows are still under construction, but the interior of the first floor seems to be in full Christmas season regalia.  I didn’t have time to step inside as I was on my way to vote EARLY…maybe next week, I’ll go downtown again, stop in, and see how much progress is being made on the Great Tree in the Walnut Room restaurant!




2 responses to “Just a bit early…

  1. It is happening here as well, we joke how as soon as Christmas is over, the Easter stuff comes out, and when Easter is over the Christmas stuff comes out, but it certainly does start to come out around beginning of October. It looks very colourful

    • Because I used to design Christmas for major downtown Chicago hotels and other spots, I do love seeing the various themes presented each year…but not until mid-November! It seems, Leanne, that these department stores and corporation are very greedy to get our dollars, don’t you think?

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