Only six more nights to fly!

Creepy High Flyer

My friend PK, who owns the building pictured, has a ‘thing’ re: suspending Hallowe’en items.  Last year, it was 9″ bats from the ceiling of the small local bar; a week ago, he hung up this skeleton, which flies back and forth (as per the wind) on a strand of monofilament tied from a tree to a lamppost about 15 feet away.  Pretty scary, PK…but a really tough image to work with in Photoshop (TM)!

8 responses to “Only six more nights to fly!

    • Actually, I think you’re correct, Lancer! Might not be a bad idea to place something like this on the branches. Even if it is small, it would move in the breeze, and probably shoo them away. I do know that bits of aluminum foil, or anything shiny, will keep the crows from the corn, so…?

  1. Creepy! A couple of villages near us have ‘scarecrow festivals’ – where almost every pub, shop and house has a scarecrow in it’s garden. Not too sure about the history but when they next have one (and I remember, I’ll post some pictures).

    • In Italiano: Mille grazie, Signorina B.! My friend PK came up with that…haven’t spoken with him yet to let him know I presented it on the blog…guess I’ll have to drop a business card at his doorway! So glad you enjoyed this one!

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