“We’re singin’ the blue notes…

…cuz we ain’t gettin’ sold!”

The Great Pumpkin Chorale


4 responses to ““We’re singin’ the blue notes…

  1. Here in Australia we didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was young but we saw it on American programs and films. I wish we could keep it that way because I like to think of each place having their own special features but, sadly, commercialism and greed have promoted Halloween here now even though it has no special meaning or tradition as it does in the States. Stores simply want us to spend. I fear that one day the whole world will all be the same with no reason to travel overseas to experience the differences. But . . . off my soapbox! Pumpkins have a different memory for me, my Grandfather (Dad’s father) had a huge vegetable garden and loved giving away all the surplus. Toothless and bow-legged after an accident, he would come into the kitchen with a huge grin and carrying a giant Queensland Blue pumpkin. Actually, I hated pumpkin as a child but really love it now!

    • I heard today that Hallowe’en is an eight (8!) billion dollar business here in the States…it was not anywhere near that, even back 40 years ago!

      I, too, love pumpkin…just as a side dish (like squash), and especially as pumpkin pie!

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