Strolling on an Autumn afternoon

Walkway to the Lake


8 responses to “Strolling on an Autumn afternoon

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful place to walk! It looks so peaceful and serene.
    BTW – the news of the hurricane in New York has been televised widely here. How is the weather in Chicago? I hope you and your friends and family are all okay.

  2. Beautiful shots pictures, you really know how to capture the beauty of autumn. Looks cold too. I was walking on hangingstones moor Saturday (very lonely, highup and wild – just how I love it) and I saw my first snow – not much but it is coming…wrap up warm

    • Stay warm when you’re out there, smacked…and don’t do any ‘slippy-slides’! I count on the images from your amazing area of England so much…you’ve introduced me to those Dales, and now you’re stuck with me!

  3. The march of the trees towards the lake, the colours, the turn of the fence to the left, and the viewer pausing on the sidewalk, ready to take this walk…perfect photograph of this scene! Thank you! ~ Lily

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