Mid-morning Moon

Morning Moon 02NOV2012

face to face

moon and me

slow arc across the sky

kind of like my life


I rise and I set

as any other

lonely in day skies

though surrounded by blue


been there + did that

shall I now return

to this complex simplicity

or again become a castaway


shall I weep

or sigh

or find a lover

I ask the Moon serene


There is no answer.

Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

3 responses to “Mid-morning Moon

  1. Perfect photo for your elegant and wistful poem. I see the longing, in each. I think we were on similar wavelengths today, or else moonbeams were sent with messages.
    Wishing you peace, happiness, and answers, ~ Lily

    • Thanks so, Lily…I always gaze in wonder when I see the moon in the morning hours…such an awe-inspiring shape up there, with its spectacular textures catching the sunlight! And, we’ve been on the same wavelength…even before we met here (at least, that’s how I feel)!

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