Slide Shadows…

…and if you can say that really fast ten times, well…congratulations!


6 responses to “Slide Shadows…

  1. I have a thing for black and white photos, and these really exemplify why, the top and bottom especially: the light, shadows, and textures sometimes play in ways they don’t when there is colour. The bottom photo is my favorite. Love it! Thanks for seeing, taking, sharing –in your oh-so-talented way. ~ Lily

    • That is so kind of you, Lily…my fave is the first one. Three different slides at two separate parks…I amaze myself what I find while walking, then stopping and just looking around. Then the brain begins to calculate and I just start shooting. So glad you enjoy these!

  2. That is a really interesting way of looking at slides, it is isn’t one I had ever considered before. The shadows are really interesting, and they throw different shapes on the different surfaces. Great photos.

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