Morningsong in the key of gray

a damp silence broken

by distant splashes on sands now chilled

notes of gray waves fill the air

* * * * *

maples drop leaves quickly

as the watery atmosphere

creates the probability of snow




Copyright 2012


12 responses to “Morningsong in the key of gray

  1. These are superb! what a beautiful set of photographs…I can almost feel the mist and damp on this gray morning. The leaves are beginning to dry up now and are losing their beautiful autumn colors…another season over and the colder one beginning

    • Oooh, merci, Mlle B.! Actually I do have an old shot of these where they’re covered in snow/sludge/ice…looking as if they were a city skyline destroyed. As ‘l’hiver’ approaches, I’ll be dragging out some of these old images for comparison.

  2. Como esta usted, mi amiga!
    It gives me a sense of relief seeing your beautiful photos…
    I have been indisposed, due to personal and business concerns,
    which took me away from blogging; and yet, I find some time to peek
    at your images and appreciate them. Muchas gracias.

    • No, S. Chito…MUCHAS GRACIAS to you!!! I have been thinking of you most every day…and was going to look up your e-mail address to find if you were still among us! I have missed your wonderful words and images! I shall contact you, if that’s OK?

      • Thanks so much. Of course you can contact me, my friend. I will return to blog as soon as I’m done with special projects which were added to my work portfolio. Hope to finish the terminal reports by EO December. These added work functions make me consider early retirement from my profession. Still, I manage to sneak and view some of your posts sometimes, though I could not comment. Have a nice day, mi amiga!

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