On a November Sunday morning

Sunrise 11NOV2012

Comfort is the sunrise




knowing the Earth cannot be impeded from its revolve

by neither politicians nor tyrants




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9 responses to “On a November Sunday morning

  1. Don’t you think that early morning is the best time to be out taking pictures? It is hard to get out of a warm bed but the rewards can be well worth it. This is a superb shot, worth getting up early for

    • Actually, smacked, I was cozily indoors…the shot is taken from my studio window, which the management covered in heavy plastic to prevent the great drafts of ill-fitting storm windows! But…I am often awake very early, and sometimes just stand and stare at the loveliness afforded me while sipping coffee and giving thanks for the day!

      • I was out very early yesterday morning – playing with a new Nikon I bought (shhh..don’t tell anyone…otherwise I will have to rename my blog… – still got the trusty Pentax though and will use it for most of my work)…and it was so still and peaceful and lovely. Certainly worth getting up for, and you feel so good coming in after an early morning walk to a nice breakfast and an sd card full of images…nothing better in my mind.

      • 4 ‘N”s, 3 ‘C”s, 3 ‘P’s, 2 ‘O’s (Olympus), a Praktica and a Rollie (I think that is it – not brand loyal then)…If I had to choose it would be the ‘N’, although I love the current ‘P’ as it is really tough…still it is just a tool all said and done…no one asks an artist which brushes they use or what make of paint they use..and I am unable to look at a photograph taken a few years ago and tell which camera it is with…but it is fun to play…

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