While waiting for the train yesterday…

…I looked toward the eastern sky, immediately thinking, “Snow clouds!”–and took this shot:

Snow Clouds-12NOV2012

And…I was right!  These images were taken approximately 20 minutes ago (7:00 AM CST) from my window:

First Snow-13NOV2012

Here along the shore of Lake Michigan, this is just a trace…apparently, some of the outlying areas of Chicago received a bit more “Stuff!”


12 responses to “While waiting for the train yesterday…

  1. I am going to break the trend – I love winter! I love dressing up warm when it is cold outside, I love the first virgin white snow before it gets walked on, I love being in the country because the views are amazing and I love coming into a warm house after a very long country walk in the snow. I love winter!

    • You seem to be a ‘great lover’, dear smacked! I really don’t mind winter, as long as I, too, am ‘bundled’ in many layers…making it seem as if I was the small child sent out to play by Mother! Too bad I’ve gotten too *old and decrepit* to lay down in the snow and make ‘snow angels’, then photograph them…hmmm, maybe not too *OandD* for that after all?

  2. Still no trace here in SE Ontario but I had a week of winter already out in Alberta … -20C standing at the cenotaph on the 11th. Toes-tingling cold standing all that time on the snow. I’m looking forward to that first morning I wake up to see everything blanketed in white …. how long that feeling lasts depends on how much, how cold, how long and how much I need to venture out in it.

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