Even though things change so much…

…in the local Tailor Shop’s window, I figured some of you may get a bit bored with buttons.  I decided to ‘play’ a bit with a few new shots, and hit upon the perfect Photoshop (TM) filter that, I feel, really did the trick–Smudge Stick!

Bag of White Buttons

Here are three more, which I’m certain you’ll agree look a bit more intriguing after the filter application:

Buttons and Zippers

Red and Brown Buttons

Spools, Pins and Bobbin

There you have it!  Although these took quite a bit of time to develop, it was worth it, don’t you feel?


6 responses to “Even though things change so much…

  1. interesting – I’ve been poking about the filters in the Photoshop Elements 8 I have – I can’t understand half the stuff but every once in a while I take another shot and discover something new.

    • It worked quite well, didn’t it, Leanne? First time I’ve ever used it! When I’m looking through Filters, I usually try each one, until I get the effect I like…and if nothing works, oh well…move right along! [?] !!!

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