They’re here!

That’s Bob, removing the ties on the bundled pine trees.

In just over an hour, Bob got almost half of his first delivery set up!

Aaah…that sweet aroma of freshly-cut pine!

The 2012 Christmas Tree Lot next door is UP and RUNNING!


4 responses to “They’re here!

    • I doubt it, as these are very fresh, cut just before they are driven, in relatively small numbers, about 200 miles down here from northern Wisconsin. If people take care of their water needs, Leanne, these trees will last well-beyond the New Year. These particular sellers have a long well-regarded reputation here, whereas in other parts of the USA, other sellers are not so honest…they sell trees which were cut in September, and are so very dry by the time they reach the market, they are truly high-priced ‘fire traps’!

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