Here’s a little something…

…to hopefully brighten your weekend!  Those who have followed for awhile know I worked on the film “The Blues Brothers” back in 1979…and that I really like their versions of the blues.  But I also adore Laurel and Hardy, so click and enjoy!

H/T: Gerard  at and special thanks to for this marvelous production!

3 responses to “Here’s a little something…

  1. I didn’t know you worked on Blues Brothers – my favourite film of all time by the way – may I ask what did you do? And I also love Laurel & Hardy too (& the great WC Fields)…so much in common

    • Oh…I was sent down by the Stagehands union in Milwaukee WI to work as either a painter or carpenter. The Paint Chargeman snapped me up; I was the only woman working with 53 men (and had to use the same ‘loo’)! On my second day, I was given a raise and designated “Stand-by Signwriter”, which meant I drew and cut all the stencils for the Chicago and Illinois State police cars, the Bluesmobiles, the Cadillac the band drove, the huge Argon tanker truck…any and everything that required signage while the crew was in Chicago. It also meant I was sent on location a lot, such as three days at the Dixie Mall to paint the interior of the ‘Toys R Us’ store, and other faux store-front ‘fillers’. I did a lot of ‘aging’ walls, and even stenciled many of the rented tanks and other military vehicles for the Daley Plaza/Cook County Courthouse shoot.

      It was a very busy 87 days…seven 10-hour days a week, plus some extra hours at times. I had two days off inalmost three months, but had one of the greatest times of my life…but my name never showed up in the credits, nor was I in the ‘crew shot’ at the end, which was done in Los Angeles. Didn’t matter, I have some production shots…and a great memory!

      • Fantastic! What a great experience you must have had…that is an iconic film indeed and it must have been a privilege to work on it – you lucky thing!

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