The great Michigan…

beckons as I stroll

turning north to freeze a frame



stepping closer

lens searching

for just the right combination

of mossed rocks



sitting to rest

to listen

its stories whispered gently



this Autumn afternoon





7 responses to “The great Michigan…

    • It is, at times…but when this great lake ‘acts up’, it can be terrifying! Try Googling ‘the Edmund Fitzgerald’…and take a listen sometime to Gordon Lightfoot’s song re: that tragedy. Many, many ships have gone down in this lake, with many wrecks sunk not very far from its shores.

      • I know the song well…I visited the Lake once when I lived in Canada, but I was very young. There is a documentary currently on one of the digital channels called ‘Draining the Great Lakes’ or something similar, if you get the chance have a watch of it, it is fascinating

  1. Do you take photos of the lake often? It is lovely, and it looks so big, does the mood of it change from day to day? I love the photos, it is looking cold there.

    • Yes I do, Leanne…because each time it seems to be different. It is huge…307 miles long, 118 miles wide, 925 feet at its deepest, with 279 feet average depth, and 1660 miles largely of sand and pebble beaches. It sometimes freezes almost totally over in our coldest winters…a beautiful opportunity for great shots, if I’m bundled properly! Today’s Water temp is around 46 degrees F. with the air temp around 40 degrees F., so it’s getting colder, little by little.

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