I wouldn’t say it’s officially Winter…

…but the City of Evanston has already decorated their street planters in a wintry, cheery holiday style, don’t you think?

Evanston Street Planter, Winter 2012

8 responses to “I wouldn’t say it’s officially Winter…

  1. I have a friend who has his Christmas tree and decorations up all year round – he never takes them down. You visit him in August and he is there sitting under the tinsel and baubles. At first I thought he was just lazy (he lives on his own) but he said that when he was a kid he had a bad childhood and Christmas was the only time of year when he was happy so he wanted to remember this time all year around.

    • Oh, poor him! I would like little lights in the trees all year round…does that qualify as a bit crazy? I’ve done holiday decorating and designing for years, smacked…and know all the ins and outs…but these days, it’s just creating a few small things for friends…and sometimes even strangers, just so they have a little extra ‘pretty’ this time of year!

    • Oh, they’re there…I put up a post with a few pics, Mlle B. It’s called “They’re here!” from sometime early last week (?)…but there’s been no snow to make them really pretty, so I won’t show them again until that happens!

  2. They look wonderful, our christmas decorations are so boring, no one goes to much trouble here, it is such a shame, if you want to see the spirit of Christmas you really have to hunt for it.

    • Oh, that’s really too bad, Leanne…it BIG business here in Chicago…and quite lucrative for some companies (such as those I have worked for in the past), especially if they have decorating contracts with the large hotels here. Everyone tries to ‘outdo’ the other, and it’s awfully disappointing to see a design ‘repeated’ for more than a few seasons!

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