Under the DuSable Bridge…

…formerly known as the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

DuSable Bridge-at River Level

Under the lower deck of the DuSable Bridge, along the Chicago River

From Wikipedia:

DuSable (Michigan Avenue) Bridge is a double-leaf, double-deck, fixed counterweight, trunnion bascule bridge.  It was engineered by the Chicago Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering; Edward H. Bennett was the consulting architect and William A. Mulcahy the chief engineer of construction.  At the time of construction it was believed to be the first double-deck bridge ever built to have roadway on both levels; faster non-commercial traffic using the upper deck and slower commercial traffic that served the various industries and docks in the vicinity of the river using the lower deck.  The bridge opened May 14, 1920.

DuSable Bridge-S to N Walkway

The South-to-North Walkway of the lower deck, DuSable Bridge

In October 2010, the bridge was renamed DuSable Bridge in honor of Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, Chicago’s first permanent resident.  A fur trader of African descent who married into the Potawatomi tribe, he established a permanent homestead and trading post near the mouth of the Chicago River in the 1780s.


After you walk across, you are on lower Michigan Avenue.  When you cross to the west side at Hubbard Street, you have reached one of the most famous bars in the world!

DuSable Bridge-Billy Goat Tavern

The Billy Goat Tavern, 430 N. Lower Michigan Avenue

Now, why-oh-why have I gotten hungry for a ‘cheezborger’ and a Coke?


4 responses to “Under the DuSable Bridge…

  1. Still one of my favorite bridges and I too want a cheezborger! I’ve never taken my kids there, guess we’ll do it soon!

  2. Did you have one?
    I love images of underneath bridges, seeing the bones of how they are made are just fantastic, and can be just as intricate and wonderful as the top of them.

    • The top bridge here is very, very busy…the lower deck has about a third less traffic, and even less foot traffic, so it makes for easier shots of the river with no one bumping into you while you focus!

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