Although today was the beginning…

…of meteorological Winter, there is still a rainbow of colors to be found in Nature!

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Leaves

Late Autumn Leaves

4 responses to “Although today was the beginning…

    • Well, smacked…it’s certainly not feeling like Winter here…it was 60 degrees F. today, and a possible 70 degrees F. predicted for tomorrow! These things just might perk up and begin growing again!

    • Chicago can get very dull and gray, but like Lake Michigan, it changes in a snap! The city is full of ‘green spaces’…little parks are everywhere, and people here seem to plant a lot more flowers than in most cities. The planters and boulevards downtown are changed four or five times a year; in Spring, if something gets frozen out, the city crews come back within a few days and plant something else! It’s all “image”, Leanne…because Chicago has the highest murder rate in the USA, higher than New york City, which has almost three times as many people!

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