You would think, it being December…

…that this sky, seen around 4:00 this afternoon, just might bring snow!

Sign of Snow-4

A Sign of Snow?

Well, seeing as it was 67 degrees F. at that time, the answer would be a resounding, “No!”  As a matter of fact, the only snow I’ve seen lately has been man-made, like these!

Sign of Snow-3

Sign of Snow-1

Sign of Snow-2

6 responses to “You would think, it being December…

  1. We had our fist snowfall this year, not much where I live in the town but on the open moors. I drove off to find it and got some good shots – maybe I’ll post some later on. We are expecting the ‘hardest winter for 100 years’ according to the met office – but they can’t even get the forecast for tomorrow right! Nice pictures by the way – and that cloud does look full of snow -won’t be long now!

    • But it’s been so warm here, smacked…yesterday was 67 F. and it rained a bit later in the evening! We’ve had only a light snow up to this point…but tonight the temp is dropping…I DO hope we have a White Christmas…and then the snow can stay away!

  2. It never occured to me that there would be snow clouds. Strange, it has been so cold here today that I have heard there was snow on the mountains, in summer, can you believe, the weather is all over the place here.

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