On the Magnificant Mile II

Ralph Lauren-1

Ralph Lauren-2

Ralph Lauren-3

At Ralph Lauren

6 responses to “On the Magnificant Mile II

    • I don’t even enter a store like this, for fear I’d be thrown out for ‘drooling’ over all the beautiful clothes, Lancer! But…it is so very nice to window shop, and the displays are wonderful this time of year!

  1. Pretty. Pretty. I love both the white lounge outfit and gown. It’s also fun to spy the reflection of the buildings and bustling city life in the bottom shot. I’m digging the green sac! B.

    • I have so many more images to process, Mlle B.! It’s my ‘duty’ this year to share the wonders of downtown Chicago with all of you who are overseas…and in your case, one who’s visited and loves this city so much! I prefer ‘good’ reflections (not always possible) and the Mag Mile is perfect for them this time of year!

  2. These look fantastic 1000, there is so much detail in the windows. They really go all out. I must do some from here to show you. Do you use a tripod for these? What is the light like when you are taking them?

    • No pod, hand-held, sometimes just one hand! I don’t spend a lot of time framing, either…that comes naturally, because I’ve been shooting for over six full decades, and spent so much time shooting video. The shots get ‘composed’ very quickly in my brain…so I really do just ‘Point and Shoot’! That day (last Sunday) was gray…fine for getting good but non-intrusive reflections.

      You should, if you have time…I would love to see Australian design!

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