In Macy’s Walnut Room

"The Great Tree"

“The Great Tree”

The Great Tree is a tradition Macy’s continues to celebrate, after occupying the huge former Marshall Field’s store at Washington and State Street, where the very first Great Tree was erected in 1899! It is approximately forty-five feet tall, and almost touches the ceiling of the two-story Walnut Room Restaurant!  The ornaments and theme change every so often, and this is totally different than last year’s Great Tree!

6 responses to “In Macy’s Walnut Room

  1. Lovely ! I’m enjoying your tour. Is the Walnut Room Restaurant still open? I’m now flipping through my little “Marshall Field’s” book by Jay Pridmore. It’s such a pretty store. You captured its magic ! B. (The snow works well with the tree and the stars !)

    • The snow is a WordPress addition until January 4th. Anyone can do it…just go to General under Settings and click the box.

      Yes, when Macy’s took over, they kept the Walnut Room intact…and I believe they kept the menu pretty similar, too…I really wanted an espresso or a cappucino while I was there, but the line was so very long, and the place was packed, as you can see in the photo. Ah…perhaps next time (because I know I’ll be down there before Christmas!)!!!

      • Sawing Plexiglas (TM) can be fun, if you know what you’re doing…and spot-welding the steel framework requires a workshop, to which I no longer have access. I only have my bedroom (no bed there!) which I use as my art studio, for painting and making crafts…one of which I’ll post about tomorrow. Watch for it!

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