Leaf Basket-6

The base is a piece of corrugated cardboard ( I recycle things!), which I cut with an exacto knife and a steel rule. The rounded corners can be drawn with a circle template or free-handed…it’s best not to have a sharp corner for the leaves to wind around. Then, the cardboardboard gets traced onto kraft paper, with one piece to be cut larger by three-quarters of an inch or so, and the other piece cut about a quarter-inch less. I hot-glued a piece of cotton twine to firm up the edges of the corrugated, then slashed almost to the line of the larger piece of kraft paper…then flex glued the cardboard to that piece and turned the flaps, giving each a dot of hot glue to secure them. Coat this side of the base with flex glue and place the smaller piece of kraft paper, situating it so the edges are pretty equal all the war around. This will be the bottom of the basket. Give both sides two full coats of flex glue, allowing each coat to dry completely before adding another.

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