A walk in the lovely s…

…no, it was a walk in the lovely RAIN!

It sure doesn’t feel as though Christmas is only ten days away here in Chicago. Temps were low 40s (F), and we’ve had only that trace of snow over a month ago! I stopped before the corner to take some shots of traffic light puddles!










These were pretty much the only ‘cheerful’ lighting I saw in my two-mile walk…apparently people in the neighborhood are ‘skimping’ on Christmas decorations this year (no wonder, considering the economy is really in the dumps!).

12 responses to “A walk in the lovely s…

  1. At least you found some light and cheer out there. 🙂 I think we have more lights on the houses in our area this year, though times are hard. Seems like people are looking for something bright and appreciating what they have.

  2. I know what you mean about Christmas, it is similar here. I did manage to find some Christmas cheer this morning in the city, was pretty happy about that.

    • Happy to hear…though for some, it’s a really sad time of the year. I guess it all depends on how one views Life…as for me, I love all the lights, for some reason they really cheer me, and wash away much of the accumulated sadness.

    • Well thanks, dear smacked! It was a lovely, not too heavy rain, cold but not too cold, and very damp and gray, which darkened the soils and every other color! I had been waiting for just such a day for quite awhile. Supposed to have (maybe) six inches of snow here Thursday, so perhaps I’ll be able to get out and make ‘snow angels’? YAY!!!

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