In the neighborhood…

…some have gone ‘all out’ decorating for the season! These images were taken at the corner of Sheridan Road and Birchwood Avenue during last Saturdays rain.

Birchwood Avenue Decor-1


Birchwood Avenue Decor-2


Birchwood Avenue Decor-3


Birchwood Avenue Decor-4

12 responses to “In the neighborhood…

  1. The decorations stand out so much against the winter tree, it looks really good, do you know if they had put lights in it as well? I love driving around in the dark and seeing the christmas lights.

    • Truly? Perhaps it’s the higher cost of running lights, and the fact that it takes a lot to get any type of decoration up and looking good. Here, in some places, it’s a grand competition, to try to have the most decorations and lights…some of which end up looking very tawdry!

    • Well, Lancer, they make *me* smile…and that’s a pretty difficult thing to do most days. I’ve lived here for over 5 1/2 years, and every year this house is decorated, some years even heavier than this; it’s the only house on the block to do so, also! I feel it cheers people, but with the vast amount of “Political Correctness” these days, I feel people are somewhat afraid to show others the things they love, for fear of being judged. So very sad!

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