As I walked up Rogers Avenue…

…here in Rogers Park during yesterday’s rain, I realized that I hadn’t noticed this tiny but lovely stained glass window.

Of, I stopped and saw how lovely it is...and the ivy, though drying and dying, is a wonderful complement to the creamy stucco.

Of course, I stopped and saw how lovely it is…and the ivy, though drying and dying, is a wonderful complement to the creamy stucco.

When I walked further, I was pleased to see the residents had done some simple, yet really beautiful Christmas decorating!



The rain continued, steadily, as you can see so many droplets clinging to the branches.


Plus, I am certain this glittery doe and her two fawns look fabulous when lit at night!


I’m going to try to get back over there one early evening this weekend with the tripod…I’m sure they will be stunning!


10 responses to “As I walked up Rogers Avenue…

    • I didn’t used to be (years ago), but my apartment is pretty heavily decorated…and four different colors of lights (half the ones at my window burned out, and they were never used, though are two years old!)…I just have all this STUFF!

      • I like wreaths, but we never seem to have one, I might have to try and get one or maybe make one, I will probably not get around to it, haha.

      • Well…back when I was still doing an entire, 7 story mall (by myself!) here in Chicago (I decorated it from 2000 til 2004, they were getting rid of old decorations. I found a few 36″ wreath frames, bought some garland, and wrapped them to make two double-sided wreaths. I only decorate one side, because they hang on the walls, but if I put one in the window next year, it’ll be two-sided…a job, but it’s what I do for fun!

      • Guess I might just do some ‘Christmas Past’ images from my portfolio over the next few days…it never hurts to pat oneself on the back every so often, right? Going to bed now, as I can no longer sit…I’ll read Mr. Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ for a bit…he was really a funny guy, so I’m totally enjoying that!!

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