By the time…

…I shut down last night, I took one long look out the window and said aloud, “There won’t be any snow out of this!”…and I was right (again!  I should have been a weathergirl, in addition to being an artist, yes?)!  There is a meteorologist here (I knew him back when he started out in Milwaukee) who goes absolutely BONKERS when any amount of snow shows up on his very expensive radar equipment.  He predicts and predicts…most of the time he’s WRONG, as he was again re: this HUGE storm that was going to devastate traffic, and, oh, holiday shoppers, too!  Any sane being, checking the radar, then looking out their window, could have seen that the radar was WRONG!

According to this morning’s Chicago Tribune,

First snowstorm of season fails to measure up

Chicago’s first snowstorm of the season fell short of expectations, dumping far less than the 6 inches predicted for some areas and creating little of the havoc that hit the western part of the state and Wisconsin.

But it was still enough — barely — to end the record 290-day string of snowless days. The streak ended around 6:30 p.m. Thursday when a tenth of an inch of snow was recorded at O’Hare International Airport. Another tenth fell before midnight, according to the National Weather Service.

The heaviest accumulation in the Chicago area was 1.2 inches in Grayslake. In Chicago, three-tenths of an inch was recorded at Midway Airport. A few more flurries may fall today before the sky clears.

You can read more here, but it’s not really worth it!

As poor Bob at the Christmas Tree Lot next door has been selling very wet trees in the rain, I thought I’d ‘make’ my own snow, as he still has about 40 trees left…and a little snow would definitely put people more in the mood to purchase their tree!

Some Trees Left-Final


10 responses to “By the time…

  1. At least the rain would keep the trees fresh? I hope he sells them all. I check our local weather forecast site every day and even though the long range predictions (teases) often say we are expecting significant rain, it seems to disappear as the days get closer. But still I look, and hope. A couple of days ago the site said we could expect up to 20mm on Christmas Eve but now it’s saying less than 1mm 😦
    Last night we saw the first star and I wished for rain – tonight I’ll ask for snow in your neighbourhood 🙂

    • Thank you so for the wish…if I could, I’d reverse the weather tides, and send the rain back to you, as I know you need it very much this time of year! I can rarely see a star here, mostly Venus or Mercury when I look out over the lake at night. Hope your weekend is going well, though…and of course, Many Merry Greetings for Christmas to you, Rod, all your entire brood!

    • Still about thirty, as of this afternoon…I’m afraid he won’t sell them all…they are usually taken back to Wisconsin and run through the shredder! And I like my snowflakes, too! It’s been awhile since I really ‘created’ graphics such as these in P’shop…it’s so fun, and I can vary the transparency and sizes and turn how they sit…it’s all about control, and a brain constantly creative (for some strange reason?), Babs!

      Bonne Annee, Mlle B.!

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