“…and I heard him exclaim…”

…as he drove out of sight…

Xmas Day BKGD Final

I did…I think I really did!!!


4 responses to ““…and I heard him exclaim…”

  1. Great idea 1000. I love the idea of Santa, there is something so child like and lovely about it. I still remember how disappointed I was when I first learned the truth, it was never the same after that.

    • Well, I can say I was taunted by two older brothers, Leanne…who told me there was no Santa, that he was ‘fake’, when I was about 5 yrs old…and it’s not the same for me, either, except…there is some THING, some BEING, that has been watching over me since I was very young…whether it’s Santa, or the spirit of my dead grandmother, I have no idea. Even if Santa (St. Nicholas) was created by the Church, I DO believe in having the ‘spirit of giving’, not just on Christmas, but every day of the year!

  2. A school friend ‘enlightened’ me when I was about 5, too! I was pleased my older children didn’t tell Pip when he was young although now he insists he knew all the time!

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