Christmas Eve: Return to Rogers Avenue

Finding the energy to walk back over was a bit difficult, but I so wanted to see those glittery deer lit…determination won out! I bundled up and walked the three-quarters of a mile, taking many other images along the way, and when I arrived, the lovely deer were not lit! Aaargh!

Disappointed, I walked over to Howard Street, which was surprisingly quiet (wish it could always be so quiet!), and found just a few interesting spots to shoot. Carrying the tripod was cumbersome; I had to keep removing it from a shoulder bag, so I took off the camera and did some hand-helds…hard to do in low light, but they came out well.

Deciding to return home (I was freezing!), I began to walk back another route until that ‘little voice’ said, “No, go check once more!”, and I did.

Here are the results, which I thought were lovely!

Too bad the second, tiniest fawn, right below the doe's front feet, wasn't lit, too!

Too bad the second, tiniest fawn, right below the doe’s front feet, wasn’t lit, too!

The tree with ornaments picked up some street light (Ugh, sodium vapor!) and the lovely deepening blue of twilight!

The tree with ornaments picked up some street light (Ugh, sodium vapor!) and the lovely deepening blue of twilight!

Since I was there the other day, the owners added a playmate for the deer and some extra lights!

Pretty cute, huh?

Rogers Avenue Return-3But…it all would have looked much more ‘seasonal’ with a bit of an addition–SNOW!  So I created some, if only to get my wish for a White Christmas!

14 responses to “Christmas Eve: Return to Rogers Avenue

  1. They are lovely 1000, I am glad you went out.

    I am trying to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, so here is your Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for your support, I consider you one of my favourite friends and wish you all the best.
    Lots of Love Leanne

    • Thanks so very much, Leanne! And all the feelings are mutual! I know you all rested and ate and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

      I hope 2013 brings many lovely ‘rewards’ for your excellent work…you’ve so much energy, I have a hard time keeping up with you! Thank you also for the friendship, which is quite a beautiful thing for me, as I am not close with that many people here…so many have ‘left’ my life, and with no family, your friendship is a treasure!

  2. Glad you made it back for the glittery deer! That little voice was quite clever. Beautiful photos. Another Anne of Green Gables fan here and watched the re-runs just a few weeks ago. Sobbed and sobbed when Matthew died…I get worse each time 😦

    • I’m going to see if I can rent it…or buy it, Lancer! It’s such a wonderful story, and Colleen Dewhurst was from my home state of Wisconsin…a tremendous actress!

      Funny how that ‘little voice’ is always right!

      • I think Colleen Dewhurst was a great actress and perfectly cast as Marilla, in fact the whole cast was perfect. Richard Farnsworth was amazing. I have his last film on DVD – The Straight Story and I’m not surprised he was nominated for an Academy Award. After the series first aired here I re-read all the books and I had a larger property then with a small herd of cows…named Marilla, Matthew, Anne etc and a beautiful Murray Grey bull named Gilbert 🙂

      • Oh, I had forgotten Richard Farnsworth–and I shouldn’t have, because I was so ‘in love’ with him! Wish I could have met him!

        Wondering just how many children these days have seen this series…it would certainly do them a lot more good than video games!

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