In less than four and half hours…

…the New Year finally arrives here in Chicago!

It’s been a very sobering year for me, health-wise, and yet, an extremely exciting year, as I’ve gained so many wonderful followers…some of whom have become great friends!!!

Though thousands of miles, and different continents separate us, I wish you all the blessings I possibly can put out there for a very much more prosperous and happy 2013!

My graphic may seem a bit somber, as 2012 certainly spun by quickly, almost too quickly, but I hope you can feel the celebratory undertones in the lovely golds!


I send you all my best regards,

and thank you all so very much…

for making this a very successful year for my work!

After all…each one of you helped, so give yourselves a little pat on the back for that!

I truly appreciate ALL of you!

4 responses to “In less than four and half hours…

    • Quietly, Leanne, very quietly…I actually stayed awake this year, and watched the New Year special in New York City–what a light show! Then I sat at the computer and browsed while waiting for midnight here…and wished everyone a “Merry New Year” and went to bed! Oh, and I drank some wonderful, organic pomegranate Italian soda…as champagne is no longer an option (blood thinning medication!)!

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