From my window: Yesterday, for about an hour…

…it was the proverbial “Winter Wonderland”!





By mid- afternoon, it was all melted…and looked as if it had never snowed at all!

16 responses to “From my window: Yesterday, for about an hour…

  1. I have to say I love the second one, it is kind of abstract in nature, and I really wish I could see that outside my window. Hahha. How wonderful. It must be nice for it to snow and then the snow to melt. I don’t know.

    • No, no, Leanne…it’s Winter here, and that darned snow is supposed to STAY, not melt (because I wanted to get out there!)! It was SO lovely, then, by the time I was ready to go out, it just disappeared!

      • I would be disappointed as well. We went for a drive to the snow last winter and there was almost none, it was so disappointing, especially since the year before the snow was great. Long way to go to see it though.

      • There is a mountain about 2 and half hours away, or is it 3 and half, day trip really. It doesn’t get a lot of snow, but it can be a good place to check it out. It was a great place to take the girls to see snow.

      • Yes, I think they did, it was different, the first time we went we weren’t prepared for how cold it was. We froze. Next time better prepared, but not a lot of snow. We might try again next winter.

      • If and when you make it through your ‘broiling’ Summer season, Leanne! Take loads of water! Our past Summer here was awful, and I was drinking 2-3 litres of water each day, sometimes more!

      • That is one thing we do well here, if that is possible, like you with your cold, we do hot well. We have very good air conditioning, we know how to keep the heat out of the house as much as possible. It does get very tiring though. Our electricity bills for summer are massive.

      • Glad to know you have air conditioning…I don’t, as the winds off the lake keep it 10-15 degrees cooler than just a half-mile to the west. I suffered a bit this past summer, but I do run strategically placed fans, so it wasn’t as bad as some other places I’ve lived. And. oh, those electricity bills…how I hate them!

      • It is hard to survive here without it. We did go without it for 3 years, and while we did survive, it is so much easier with it. We are having a break from it this week which is so nice.

    • Thank you for the visit, natuur! And it is strange, isn’t it, that the snow comes quickly, and disappears even more quickly? You should have about the same type of winter weather there as we do here in Chicago…and thus far, it is very strange, cold, but very little snow!

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