Ice patterens have always fascinated me…

Ice Patterns-1


Ice Patterns-2

…but these past six years I’ve had to use a cane, so now I just photograph, then step (gingerly) around them!  Perhaps I should carry a small bag of rock salt?

6 responses to “Ice patterens have always fascinated me…

  1. Have you used the radial blur in the second one. It is a great effect. I love it.I had a friend who hurt her back when in the Netherlands because of ice on the ground. It isn’t something we have to worry about here.

    • Yes, I did use Radial Blur there.

      I have slipped in ice and slush a number of times, and injured my lumbar/sacrum area quite severely (concrete is VERY hard!) These days, if there is ice/slush, I will always find a way around it, even if I have to walk in the street to avoid it! These ‘old bones’ cannot take much more injury, so I am always very careful!

      • I think my friend didn’t really know what to look for, I wouldn’t know either. I have fallen on concrete, so I can understand how much it would hurt. Though having said that they have put this surface in the city so when it rains it is very slippery so if you are wearing shoes with no tread it is very easy to slip on. I wonder how many people have actually hurt themselves on it. I have slipped many times, but thankfully have never come down.

      • Oh, THAT surface…yes, some have used it here in Chicago and it causes many to slip and slide. Fracturing the spine becomes very easy when one falls during even the slightest rain on that surface!

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