Word Association: Wall…


I found this elegant little sketch attached to the wall of a building, just across the alleyway from the Berwyn Red Line “L” Station here in Chicago…and thought you might like it!

He’s only about nine inches tall…and I wondered, “Now,  just where he could be heading?”


N.B.:  The Photoshop filter used here was Surface Blur.  I felt it enhanced the texture of the peeling paint and shadows of a bright, sunny day.

6 responses to “Word Association: Wall…

  1. This seems to be a new thing happening, artists doing there work on paper and then sticking them to walls. We see a lot of it here in Melbourne, I love it, I think the artist can work at leisure at home, then they don’t have to worry about getting caught.

    • Well…here, they usually use US Post Office mailing labels, or other types of self-adhesive labels, so this one really caught my eye, being on a thin piece of (maybe) kraft paper, and the little cut out areas were so intriguing.

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