“Did he do something bad?”

That was the question posed this morning by my building’s Head of Maintenance, when I told him I had a photo of Santa…behind bars!  Then he and I had a great laugh when I showed him this:

Santa Behind Bars-Surface Blur

Santa Behind Bars

(taken early yesterday afternoon, while walking to the grocer)

6 responses to ““Did he do something bad?”

  1. Ah…perhaps the good fellow was driving without a seatbelt, checking his list (twice) while driving or could he have been speeding in order to get to each and every house in just one night? I’m sure he’ll have lots of people willing to give him a good behaviour reference and he’ll be back next December 🙂

    • Thanks so, Lancer, for the first laugh of the day (it’s just past 5 AM here)!!! Hope he’ll be ‘out’ soon…those elves tend to get a bit sloppy with toy-making when they’re on their own!

  2. I love the stunning contrast here: White Santa & reindeer behind black bars.
    My friend, you really have a cunning way of presenting images that strike and startle the viewer. Simply great memorable photo.

    • Muchas gracias, caro! I thought it was so funny, and I totally missed this one the night I went out looking for lit Christmas decorations…so funny also that he and the reindeer seem to be ‘stuck’ there! I’ll maybee walk over tomorrow, just to see if Santa has been ‘released’ (bail? or bond?)!!!

  3. Haha, lovely image, and great idea 1000, love it.
    Remember the calender idea, someone sent me a site the other day that might be perfect for us, when I get a chance I will email it to you.

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