More snow in tonight’s forecast…

…might make this festive Yucca…

Festive Plant

…end up looking more like this one!

Festive Plant-Snow

Then again, it could warm up again, as it did the past two days to 50 degrees F., then drop quickly, as it did last night to 27 degrees F., to cause this:

Freeze and Re-freeze

Freeze and Re-freeze

10 responses to “More snow in tonight’s forecast…

  1. Excellent shots…and I like the pov on the yucca! We have had our first snowfall last night…woke up to everything white (shame it didn’t come in time for Christmas though)

    • Congratulations, smacked, and welcome to Winter! Yes, a shame…for some reason, snow at Christmas heightens the ‘reason for the season’–but, now you can grab some wonderful shots of the snowy Dales (I hope?)!

  2. The forecast wrong? OMG your forecasters must have gone to the same school as ours! It’s probably hard to predict but we keep watching that forecast, whether we’re waiting for snowy weather, rain or sun . . .
    Love the photos, especially the first one.

    • I would imagine they did! My ex-husband was a Radio/TV personality, and he found (as did I!) the best way to forecast is to go outdoors, watch the sky for a bit, feel the wind against a wet fingertip…and use common sense!

  3. That is a great series of photos 1000, love the different type of weather in each one. Love the icicles, though imagine they would make the ground slippery and scary.

    • Thankfully, Leanne, that bush was in a large street planter, so no danger there, but yes, when things begin to freeze and re-freeze, even the tiniest puddle becomes dangerous! Slipping and falling is something we all here work very hard to avoid–always!

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