Chinatown Reflections

Chinatown Reflections-1


Chinatown Reflections-2


Chinatown Reflections-3


Chinatown Reflections-4


Chinatown Reflections-5

10 responses to “Chinatown Reflections

  1. Your Chinatown photos keep getting better! I feel like I’m walking along the street with you admiring those wonderful vases in the windows. That creamy-yellow one in the first shot would look beautiful in my house 🙂 I’m very lucky because I have a big blue and white one like in the second last shot. Elijah bought it for my birthday a few years back. He got it here in Australia but he did visit China. I saved very, very hard and for his eighteenth birthday sent him on a trip with a group to visit the World Gymnastics Championships. He brought back a beautiful blue and white plate and a small vase, too. It’s nice to get the chance to do something like that and he really helped me out when he was a teenager and I was raising my kids alone. He used to milk our house cow every morning before school and mow the lawns. Perhaps one day I’ll get to visit China but for now I’m enjoying Chinatown 🙂

    • Oh, that sounds so wonderful, what you did for Elijah, Lancer!

      My younger son worked for a bit in Beijing, redesigning pollution control systems…and brought me back a full, authentic Sumi-e kit, complete with grinding stone, ink, and several brushes…and wax and a stamp. Because he passed shortly after, I have never used it. The silk-covered box sits in a not very prominent place on the shelf…but every so often i take it and open it, and just spend time gazing at it. One of these days, I’ll go to the Chinese art supply store and purchase a roll of rice paper and paint something (calligraphy, probably). I have his Chinese dictionaries, and have studied how to do the strokes. I’ll do some soon, if I can ever take a break from photography!

  2. Gosh, I love this series. Especially the top shot. The red doors and vases mesh so well together. I also love the other well-loved entrances and doors. It’s difficult to stop studying the colors, patterns and rust. Lovely. Lovely. B.

  3. Unfortunately we don’t have a Chinatown in Leeds – most other UK cities do though…however we do have a Chinese Supermarket which I do go to often and buy their yummy ingredients for my stir fry’s etc. Your pictures are excellent and I imagine walking down the street with you browsing the windows and buildings.

    • Would that THAT could happen, huh? It IS a marvelous area, with so many wondrous things, smacked! The almost 90 shots I took were just about a block and a half of the street…so I must (and shall) return!

  4. I love the reflections in glass, it gives them an abstract quality, you can’t quite work out what behind or in front, if that makes any sense at all. I think you are doing a great job with the photos from here 1000.

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