Chinatown: Street Food UPDATED!

CT Street Food-1 Horiz Grain

Rice: Tasty Joy and Golden Jasmine

CT Street Food-2 Horiz Grain

Cilantro: A bit past its prime

I have been informed in the comments by Ng Tom of ‘That’s how I see the world’ that this is PARSLEY! 

CT Street Food-3 Horiz Grain

Firm Tomatoes and a much fresher Cilantro


CT Street Food-4 Horiz Grain

And the tomatoes cost how much?

CT Street Food-5 Horiz Grain

Fresh Cilantro for only forty cents a pound…I think?

Also PARSLEY, and most likely forty cents a bunch!

How I wish I could read Chinese!  Perhaps my friend in Hong Kong will be kind enough to send a translation of these signs!

12 responses to “Chinatown: Street Food UPDATED!

  1. Although I enlarge the photo, I still cannot read the word below 0.40.
    As a matter of market fact, even I have been out of US for quite a long time, forty cents a pound seemed not a proper price.
    It is packed in bunch, so it should be forty cents a bunch.
    BTW, the Chinese word should read as 芫茜…parsley.
    Have a nice day.

      • It could have been a ‘pound’, or a ‘kilo’…but most likely it would be a ‘bunch’, Ng Tom. Tell me something, though…was the writing ‘legible’ to you? Or was it somewhat ‘Americanized?

        Our Chinatown is really a Chinese neighborhood, and the shoppers are 95% Chinese…not tourists. I, the tall, white-haired woman, felt almost uncomfortable…yet everyone I met was very kind, and we exchanged slight bows, as I know is the custom.

        Quite a wonderful area, and I shall return soon to see and photo more!

        Thank you for your attempt, my dear friend!

      • Thanks so very much, Ng Tom…that is very interesting to know! As you realize, I have a high regard for the art of Chinese calligraphy…only months before my younger son passed, he had been in Beijing, redesigning pollution control systems. While there, he purchased a wonderful gift for me…a Sumi-e kit in a blue silk box. It is greatly treasured. My new goal? To study the Chinese characters quite a bit more, as they are intriguing, artistically…and the more I study, the more I shall understand, yes?

      • Thank you, again, for your assistance, dear friend! I have many interests…and find ways to make time to experiment with them.

        Sincerely hope your own weekend has been advancing in a pleasurable way, whichever city you are in!

    • I think it’s just ‘regular rice, as opposed to Jasmine rice…but next time I go down, I will find out, and perhaps buy some. I’m more of a brown rice-lover, and when mixed with wild rice…well, that’s pretty much heavenly!

  2. I love wondering about Asian Grocery stores, the food, the smells, there is so many wonderful things to find, and so many things that I have no idea what they are or what to use them for. I love coriander, it is one of my favourite herbs, and only 40 cents, that is amazing, I’ll have some.

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