More Chinatown Reflections

Chinatown Reflections-6 SB


Chinatown Reflections-7 RB


Chinatown Reflections-8 RB


Chinatown Reflections-9 SB


Chinatown Reflections-10 SB


Chinatown Reflections-11 SB

4 responses to “More Chinatown Reflections

  1. I love the green dragon and the ‘Danger Men Cookng’ sign! Did you sample something from the Chinese bakery? When I visited Chinatown in Melbourne my daughter-in-law really wanted me to try something and bought a bun with some type of sausage inside. It was yummy but I couldn’t do it justice as we’d only just had Yum Cha!

    • Unfortunately, no, I didn’t, Lancer. I’m very hesitant these days to ‘eat out’, even just to grab a ‘snack’…The regime I have been following is working quite well, and I’m not trustful that others are as ‘clean’ in their kitchens as I am…of course, the Rum Stollen WAS an exception to the rule, but I really don’t even purchase many ‘prepared’ foods, because my health is so very important! I have had Chinese baked goods some years ago, though, and they were lovely, lovely lovely!

  2. I love Chinese bakeries, the stuff you can get to eat at them is so cool and so different. Actually we love trolling around in the grocery stores as well. My girls always loved the Chinese lollies.

    • It all looked so very YUMMY, Leanne…but until I see their kitchen, I do not buy food out. Health problems are nasty, and I can’t afford to become ill due to someone’s ‘uncleanliness’ (there’s been a lot of food-borne related illness here of late). But the aromas were spectacular…I just couldn’t take the chance. Perhaps when I return, I can get a little tour…and, if satisfied, buy some of these yummy delights!

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