In Chinatown, at “Woks ‘n’ Things”: Part Two

NOTE: I have processed these images in black and white, because I felt color distracted from the simplicity of the wonderful designs.

Each has also been run through Photoshop’s (TM) Smart Blur filter, in small, but varying amounts.

You name, it's here!  From teapots, to spoons, to kitchen scales...

You name, it’s here! From teapots, to porcelain spoons, to kitchen scales… plates and bowls...

…to plates and bowls… large bamboo-handles wire mesh strainers...

…to large bamboo-handled wire mesh strainers… smaller bamboo-handled wire mesh strainers...

…to smaller bamboo-handled wire mesh strainers… several sizes of wavy cutters--I love these, they make vegetables look so much nicer!

…to several sizes of wavy cutters–I love these, they make vegetables look so much nicer!

And, I know you'll be amazed...Woks 'n' Things actually has WOKS...

And, I know you’ll be amazed…“Woks ‘n’ Things” actually has WOKS

...And wok covers, so you don't have oils splatter all over your kitchen!

…and wok covers, so you don’t have oil-splatter all over your kitchen!  They also carry many hardware and cleaning items…AND…will even make you a SPARE KEY!

As ‘Jake Blues’ said in “The Blues Brothers” during the mall chase scene, “This place has everything!”

Ken Moy’s “Woks ‘n’ Things” is located at

2234 S. Wentworth Avenue, Chicago Illinois  60616

Phone: 312.842.6701


6 responses to “In Chinatown, at “Woks ‘n’ Things”: Part Two

    • So pleased you like my ‘methods’, smacked! I’ve always had ‘the eye’, but I can tell you it was perfected during eight years spent as a videographer! Time was money, and I had to frame the right shots without a lot of thought! It’s been second nature for over three decades…but I am guilty of ‘cropping a bit too tightly’ in-camera for still shots, so many times I’ll also do a ‘backed off’ shot, then re-crop in Photoshop.

    • No, just bought the heart-shaped biscuit cutter and an oversized tea ball, so I can make ‘mugs’ of loose tea rather than one small cup! The B/W treatment made for a more cohesive approach here, as the store is really not very large, and so much is jumbled together!

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