A Walk IN the Lake: Part 1

I captured this image of the tall pine at the end of my street sometime last week, and worked it into a black and white photo, with a Horizontal Grain Texture filter…but it sat, because I didn’t quite know what to do with it until…

Street's End

Street’s End

…I walked over to the lake on Wednesday, braving the cold, and actually walked IN the sands where the water is normally about four feet high!

This was the result:

Street's End-From the Lake

Street’s End-From the Lake

You can just see the top of the towering pine, and I SHOULD be in water up to my armpits!

2 responses to “A Walk IN the Lake: Part 1

    • The splash that freezes continues to freeze more at the water’s edge. The build-up is too high for the ‘normal’ waves to get over, so, in effect, the lake recedes…unless we get some very strong winds off the lake during a storm, which we may yet, those banks of frozen ice will be there until Spring. If high winds come, the water will again cover the sands…it’s pretty normal for this time of year, even though we’ve had very little snow.

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