A Walk IN the Lake: Part 3

Before I began the trek along the not-normally-visible sands, I stepped back and captured these short pier stumps, heavily eroded because they are usually under the fast-moving waves of Lake Michigan:Short Remnants and Boulders

I cringed a bit as I looked at the icy path ahead…should I, or shouldn’t I, I thought, then…ah, well…no guts, no glory!

Icy Path Ahead

It was easy walking on the sands, they weren’t even frozen…but as you see, I had to make my way over some ice and through some boulders.  It got a little hairy, as I use a cane, which kept slipping.  It took a bit of poking around to find a place of purchase, and I moved on slowly until I was half the way to my goal, Sherwin Avenue Beach.

Halfway-Chase and Sherwin

I don’t know how long these boulders have been here, or from where they came, but they become somewhat mesmerizing when all you’re doing is looking down!

The ice was a little slippery, and I truly thought at this point that I should head back…but, NO!, said that voice in my head…Keep going!…so I did!

This is the view toward Sherwin Beach's fence line; the area you see is a private beach, which belongs to this place, 1205 W. Sherwan Avenue.

This is the view toward Sherwin Beach’s fence line; the area beyond is a private beach, which belongs to this place, 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue.

1205 Sherwin Private BeachIt was difficult getting around those boulders…some were not as close as others, so I stepped very carefully.  Here’s why they fascinate me so much:

Some are rough, others quite smoothed by the action of the waves.

Some are rough, others quite smoothed by the action of the waves.

I took one last shot of the frozen wave splash and ice on the lake, then enjoyed walking in the sands for a bit…there was no wind or lake noise, only an occasional gull or two doing their squawking.  I was very alone, cold, and happy I made it over the first icy patch!

Lake-Ice-Frozen Wave Splash

Stay tuned for Part 4!

9 responses to “A Walk IN the Lake: Part 3

    • Thanks so very much, Lizziejoy! Scary, hairy–yes! But it is fascinating to watch this lake in Winter…even better to still be alive to photograph it and share what I see! Hope your Sunday is full of beauty!

  1. I thought they were waves, I couldn’t understand what you meant by ice, how amazing. It never occurred to me that the lake would freeze, well the edges. I am going to have to come there one day.

  2. Fantastical shots! I’m thoroughly enjoying your walking tour. How cold is it? I think I missed your temperature report. The frozen waves are amazing. Did you find any treasures? Coins or buttons? So 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue used to be a hotel? It’s a gorgeous building. The boulders look like works of art, too. B.

    • Not quite sure what 1205 was originally…not much to find, but inside, it sure looks as if it was a hotel, also. Back in the 1920s, this area along Lake Michigan was a ‘getaway spot’..from the dirtiness of downtown Chicago. The pier remnants are from the days a ferry would come up from the Loop, depositing people at each beach that had a pier! Must have been so much fun back then, eh?

    • Oh, definitely, smacked! I have been a ‘risk-taker’ all my life, though found there were some things I just could not do (like carrying a 16 pound video camera up a steel ladder to a 40 foot high catwalk…using only one hand to hold on to the steps!), due to several back injuries when I was younger. I’m game, though, for just about anything…others thought I was a bit loopy to do this one, but all went fine…and I got great shots!

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