Today’s walk in misty showers

Days like today are supremely enjoyable…warm and Spring-like before noon!

After two days of thunderstorms, this morning there was a medium fog and wet streets…the perfect time to photograph, as the colors are deeper.

In the parkway in front of the Emil Bach House, I found these dead Hosta…in strangely captivating, ‘returning-to-earth’ tones.

They brought to mind Miss Havisham and her wedding cake in Dickens’ “Great Expectations”.



Hosta Remains-1

Here’s a closer look at this one; I prefer the composition here, but had to first let you view the whole:

Hosta Remains-2

Just next door is Cat’s Cradle Bed and Breakfast, where I found a good angle to capture raindrops!


About three blocks up, in an alleyway, was this HUGE puddle, reflecting a large tree.  I rotated the image, because I felt it needed to be really looked at:


A very gray day, indeed…within an hour of returning, the temperature dropped and it began snowing–TWO seasons in one day!

Well…that’s Chicago!

6 responses to “Today’s walk in misty showers

  1. Great photos and I think I could imagine a modern-day Miss Haversham holed up in that top room at the B & B. A mysterious guest, still in her dusty wedding dress, alone in the honeymoon suite…waiting.

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