From My Window: After a Light Snow

Snow and Angles

Snow and Angles


Number 10 Parking Space

Number 10 Parking Space


8 responses to “From My Window: After a Light Snow

    • You’re correct (as usual!), smacked! Though the colors were deeper and very subdued by the grayness of the morning, the image ended up looking pretty ‘blah’! I desaturated and did some Selective Color adjustments of the Blacks, Whites and Neutrals…I have a *penchant* for somewhat ‘contrasty’ B/W shots, a leftover from my days in the darkroom when I was shooting B/W film only, developing it, then printing on ‘high contrast’ paper.

    • Not sure if chains are allowed here any longer, but…the City of Chicago really OVERSALTS the streets, so that the normally dark asphalt is quite white, until the next rain or snow! Harmful to the environment? Of course! I have personally been ‘pelted’ a number of time by huge chunks of rock salt from the spreaders attached to the rear of huge dump trucks/plows! It hurts…and the salt in the air makes my eyes water, it is so very irritating!

      • Well, we’ve the wind from the East tonight, and snow has been falling for several hours. It must be ‘heavy’, because the pines down below are drooping quite a bit! The sidewalks look sluchy, so about 2 inches has fallen so far, with maybe two more to come. I’ve taken a few images today, but not feeling great, so just about to post and call it a night!

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