A few inches…

…of new snow can really change the world around us!  Though drivers here in Chicago hate snow, I (not being a driver, more of a walker/public transit-type) LOVE it!

Here’s what my favorite spot at the lake looked like yesterday afternoon:

Snow and Lake-1 Speckle Grain Texture


Snow and Lake-2 Speckle Grain Texture


Snow and Lake-3 Speckle Grain Texture

The snow was so very ‘bright white’, I hope you don’t mind that I added a dusting of Speckled Grain Texture, which really enhances the overall images!

All the white got pretty boring, and you could not really see that the snow had been blown about!

14 responses to “A few inches…

      • You should go to your local store and get a dozen bottles of a nice red…have a bottle now and again – it will do you the power of good…:-)

      • Sorry, smacked…no-can-do! Because I must take blood thinning medication for the rest of my life, I am no longer allowed to take alcohol…it would be very bad, and probably do me great harm! A shame, isn’t it? One of my best ‘cures’ for a cold is homemade chicken soup and several hefty shots of a good brandy, then off to bed, under as many blankets as possible!

  1. I just can’t believe how cold it looks, I should have been looking at these earlier when it was getting very warm in here. I like what you have done with them.

    I read the comments you leave on my blog and I always feel like I am cheating you with the few words I write. You are so good with descriptions and expressing yourself with words, I envy that.

    • Not to worry…some days, I haven’t that much to do, so I really study your images, then have to write! BTW, it’s more the ‘damp’ here, living along the huge lake, that chills one quickly. A ‘dry’ cold isn’t too bad, but when the wind comes off the lake, no matter how bundled one may be, the damp seeps right in!

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