When it’s cold and damp…

…and snowy, as it has been lately, there’s nothing like a pizza from scratch!

Pizza-Ready for the Oven!

Pizza–Ready for the Oven!

The ‘sauce’ is pesto–thinned with a little Extra Virgin olive oil–and topped with raw onion, sliced Crimini mushrooms, chopped tomatoes which sat for awhile in Balsamic vinegar, dried minced garlic and black olives.

The crust is unbleached flour, sea salt, yeast–dissolved in warm water with a half-teaspoon of organic honey–and this time I added basil and fennel seed!

Sprinkled on top was more dried basil, a combo of parmesan/romano/asiago cheese, and topped with grated Monterey Jack cheese.

Twenty-five minutes later, my pizza from scratch looked like this:


Oh, let me give you a closer look!

I'll wager you can almost smell the lovely blend of aromas!

I’ll wager you can almost smell the lovely blend of aromas!

I’ve been making my own pizza for well over forty years now…the ingredients occasionally vary, but the satisfaction?


6 responses to “When it’s cold and damp…

  1. Gorgeous. Perfect timing. I’ve been on the look out for a pizza recipe. For some reason, when I’m in “writing” mode, this is what I crave. Where’s scratch-n-sniff when you need it?! Jotting down the recipe, now. Merci! B.

    • The dough needed depends upon the size of the pan, Mlle B. I use 1 tsp yeast dissolved with a half tsp honey in warm water…and allow that to sit until frothy. Then add the yeast to one and one-half cups of flour, into which you have previously stirred a teaspoon of sea salt and whatever dried herbs/seeds you wish. Mix it well and turn out onto a lightly floured surface, then knead a bit until almost smooth. Place the ball of dough into a ‘generously’ oiled bowl–you’ll want a fine, Extr Virgin olive oil for this, not Greek or Spanish oil–cover and let it sit while you chop onion, slice mushrooms, etc, and grate the cheese.

      Turn the dough into a pizza pan (or cookie sheet) which has also a ‘generous coating of the Extra Virgin. THIS is the secret to a great crust…the honey will help ‘brown’ the crust a bit, and the olive oil will give it a fine flavor, not ‘greasy’ at all.

      I use the same recipe to make an Indian ‘Nan’-type bread, only i cut the dough in quarters, form each piece into a ball, then pat it into a round (about 6-7 inches, and less than a quarter inch thick. I place the flat dough into a pre-heated (hot, but not scorching hot!) non-stick fry pan. Press gently with a spatula, checking the underside every minute or so. When it gets a bit light brown, flip it and do the same. It takes under fifteen minutes to make four pieces of this Nan bread, and it is so much fresher than what I find at the grocer. Use for dipping in hummus, or making ‘rolled’ sandwiches with just about anything! Eh, voila!

      • Whoa!! Thank you for taking the time to write additional instructions!! I appreciate it. Again, I love the olive oil and honey combo. I’ll write back if I have any questions. And of course, I’ll keep you posted on my homemade pizza. Again, it looks fantastic. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. A weekend project. . .Merci!! B. (Next up: Your Nan-type bread. I’m a hummus fanatic.)

      • De rien, Mlle B.! I make my own hummus, too…so much fresher and no additives…tres simple! Chick Peas (canned or cooked) into a food processor with a bit of the ‘bean liquor’, add sea salt, canned or fresh roasted red peppers, garlic (fresh) as much as you like, a bit of lemon juice (or lemon pepper seasoning, which I prefer) and enough oilve oil to make the proper consistency. Whirrrrrr, et voila! Hummus-for-days!

      • Thank you!! I love the the fresh roasted red peppers addition. Hummus for days? HA. Hummus for the hour!! I’m a fanatic. Stay warm! B. (And enjoy the weekend!)

      • You can also skip the roasted red peps and add black olives instead…another taste treat! I find this also freezes well (use within the month), just make certain it’s well-thawed, then give it a stir before using. I experiment a lot, Babs, and come up with some goodies, because there are certain flavors I just can’t seem to get enough of. I recently bought a small pack of betty Crocker Peanut Butter cookie mix (just add oil and water!) to try…but had to add some cinnamon and a tsp and a half of ground ginger…just to see what would happen. The pack only made 20 small cookies, but with the c and g, they were fab! So next time I make PBs from scratch, I’ll make sure to add the c and g!

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