Free E-cards for your Valentines!

I made up a few you can send to anyone you wish!

Disregard the copyright rule for these three images ONLY, and thanks!



LOVE Candy-is all we need


And, for those of you who would like to send a more ‘traditional’ Valentine, there is this:

Rose Heart-Text

Just click on the picture, then copy and paste into your e-mail…

what could be easier?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…the world could use a lot more LOVE!

6 responses to “Free E-cards for your Valentines!

    • Oh pshaw, smacked! (She blushes!) It’s simply that I spent the late 1980s and most of the 90s doing 2-D and 3-D computer graphics in video production…it’s really an easy thing for me to come up with these…but there’s no real ‘living’ in it, so I do them just for fun…and the fact that there are those who would like to have the ability and do not. Real cards and posting are becoming very expensive…this way, a couple clicks and it’s there!

  1. I think it is amazing that you do this. I love what you have done, sorry I know Valentines day was a while ago, I am still trying to catch up. LOve the red. Beautiful.

    • Well, Leanne, it’s been 25 yrs since I began doing computer graphics for video…and though a lot has changed in the technology, the principles remain the same. I just wish I could find some really exciting new fonts to download–everything seems to be just a ‘variation’ of older fonts! P.S.: Catching up is difficult, isn’t it? Especially when one works as hard at the new stuff as we both do!

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