Unmitigated elegance…

…in Edgewater Glen!

Some time back, I photographed this mannequin in a black ensemble; this time she’s in creamy white.


Stunning, isn’t it?  here’s a closer look at that lovely fox fur collar:


Here’s the ensemble from the reverse angle:


The most wonderful part?

I now know who the designer is!


If you’re interested, Elda’s window is located in the historic Edgewater Beach Apartments, once an annex of the famed Edgewater Beach Hotel, now demolished.

The huge, pale pink building is located right on Lake Michigan, 5555 N. Sheridan Road at the intersection with Berwyn Avenue, in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood of Chicago.

And if you’re in town, why not call for an appointment!


10 responses to “Unmitigated elegance…

  1. I love this window, of course! It definitely flaunts a Hollywood silver screen vibe. What gorgeous lounge wear. I also dig your shots. Especially the one with the tree branches. It looks like she’s wearing a crown! Or perhaps she’s dreaming of escaping one day? Lovely!! B. (I also love the snow and the red brick building. Perfection.)

    • Ah, merci beaucoup, cherie! It’s a wonderful ensemble, and certainly wish I had the $$$! This mannequins face has that ‘vacant allure’ type of look, almost snooty, but you know, in a pinch, she’d give you the lounge outfit off her back!

  2. I like the reflection of the leafless trees and the snowy pavement. It complements the cold stare of the mannequin. I can almost feel the chill, just looking at her garment of creamy white.

    • Muchas gracias, S. Chito! So very happy that you stopped by to view her…there seems to be nothing ‘warming’ in the image, with the exception of the fox fur, which should warm her expression. Ah, well…she IS a mannequin, and they rarely show emotion!

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