A Monday extra…

…to begin the week right!

I managed to get over to the lake during my mile-long walk yesterday afternoon.  These were taken from the very end of Birchwood Avenue, which has no beach…and yes, it WAS cold, bit the sun felt great!

The Shore, the first17FEB2013

The Shore, the first

The three ‘spots’ on the horizon are the northside water cribs.  All the City of Chicago’s water comes from that far out in the lake, something like 5 or 6 miles!


The Shore, the second17FEB2013

The Shore, the second

4 responses to “A Monday extra…

    • Well, hook, that’s my lake…always surprising, with wondrous textures every season of the year! I live only a half-block away, and tend to walk over often just to see what the waters can show at any moment.

      • That must be very special and something to be appreciated. Many years ago I lived in a cathedral close and woke each morning ready to be amazed by the changing faces of this beautiful building. I am equally privileged now to live near the sea….

      • How wonderful for you, hook! I do love my lake, but I love the sea so much more…doubt I’ll ever be able to visit it again, cuz I’m not allowed to fly for that many hours due to a medical condition. :>( !!!

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