From my window: Today’s newfallen snow

It began with rain, then some sleet, followed by that white stuff!

26FEB2013 Snow-1

The sky became grayer, a bit darker, then it just kept snowing…but not a lot, only about two inches!



26FEB2013 Snow-3




26FEB2013 Snow-5




26FEB2013 Snow-7

We’ll probably have a little more by morning; I was out earlier and it was beginning to flurry again.

I guess I’ll have to savour these images, because by next winter, the Shambhala Center will be demolished, and the entire corner will be filled with a four-story parking structure.

No more Pumpkin Lot or Christmas Tree Lot or images of these beautiful trees…all I’ll see when I look down will be either cars or a flat roof!

9 responses to “From my window: Today’s newfallen snow

    • Bet not, Gaye, but I’m certain I’ll be finding out about that! I’m really going to miss this “From my window” segment that I’ve done since I began blogging four and a half years ago!

  1. Oh that sounds dreadful, but your pictures are beautiful…… what is this obsession with building on every available space. The same is happening where I live but residents fight against the destruction of green spaces. Usually to no avail but I suppose that’s life.

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