Yesterday’s Watery Walk

It was raining yesterday…then it was snowing…and it went back and forth like that all day!

My first stop was up the street at the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, the Emil Bach House, where the Cineraria were not only wet, but pretty creepy-looking as well!




The bushes just inside the wrought iron fence were pretty wet also!


At the Gateway Centre, where the grocer is located, the Hydrangeas looked like this:

Water Water-2

And the nearby rose bushes were full of water droplets also, though it was snowing at the time!


Thankfully, in about five hours, Winter makes way for Meteorological SPRING (officially, Spring (the vernal equinox) arrives on March 20th at 6:02 AM CST)…and I am so very happy to ‘shoo away’ all these gray days of Winter!

I’ll be buying a bunch of daffodils tomorrow…that’s how anxious I am to get back to photographing flowers!

3 responses to “Yesterday’s Watery Walk

  1. Lovely images, mi amiga!
    They remind me of lines from my poem about spring:
    “There is no spring when fervent twigs or flowers fail to flush and flourish; blossom leaves and buds unfurling petals like famished orphans praying for April rain.”

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