Anticipation and patience

Not to rush Spring along, but more than a few pots in the neighborhood are waiting for fresh soil and new plants!

Bench and Pots-2

* * *

Bench and Pots-1

6 responses to “Anticipation and patience

    • Our ‘official’ Spring is some 18 days away, caro, yet the longer days, even though very gray lately, belie the promise of robins and flowers and trees leafing out! Can you tell I am anxious?

  1. I have a few pots like that and some that are bursting forth with the green shoots of daffodils and hyacinths. Unfortunately the tulips have not fared very well and getting eaten in the night!!

    • Yes, I understand daffs are already blooming in the UK! And you have hyacinths, too–how wonderful! Are you near the countryside, where nasty little rabbits love to hang around and destroy tulip beds?

  2. Ours are like that too…and of course we have the new lambs being born and everywhere I go I see them in the fields with their mothers…a busy time for the farmers…Spring is coming 1000!

    • I used to keep goats, smacked, and the two ‘sister’ nannies had their kids on the same morning…three for the ‘runty’ sister, Fanny, and two for the sedate sister, Nanny–population explosion, overnight! Lambing time must surely be lovely in your magical Dales!

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