Abstract melt

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March: ‘neath warming rays
flake stacks transform to wetness
Spring’s promise made plain

11 responses to “Abstract melt

  1. Mi, amiga, your haiku captured the essence of burgeoning spring; so accurately depicted, too, by your wonderful images! Let’s welcome spring with refurbished hopes, as the snowflakes of winter melt.

      • I grew up in the tropics so winter was so exciting for me in the beginning. After spending a third of my lifetime here in Holland, my liking for winter has mellowed. A few months is okay because I love spring and summer too. 😉

      • Well, that explains it! I love this last part of Winter, as things melt quickly because the days are longer and the sun is at a higher angle. After all these decades, I still become excited at the prospect of Spring!

  2. The canvas idea is great, gives the images a different perspective. The snow looks so white and crisp, is that the right way to describe it? I like the close ups.

    So is it warming up there? We had the heater on this morning.

    • Not really warming at all…boring days of right around freezing, and night 10-15 degrees below freezing. We were spoiled last year with an extremely early Spring, with March Temps in the 80s F.

      After all your summer heat, I’d have the heater going too, as soon as I felt the first chill. I imagine it will take some time for all of you to be acclimated to Autumn, and then Winter?!?

      • Our seasons here are not as dramatic, we have very hot summers, but compared to your winters, ours are very mild, It might get below zero degrees Celsius overnight, but the days are around 12 to 15, rarely around 10. but it is all relative, that is what we found from being in Denmark, their summers seem hot because their winters are so cold, but compared to our summers, they are mild. does any of that make sense?
        Went out with the new lens this morning, I think I’m in love with it.

      • We have quite a range of temps here, Leanne, especially living so very close to the lake. Our summers can be cold, believe it or not! The temp here along the shore is usually 10-15 degrees cooler than just a half mile to the west!

        The problem here is the ‘fresh water humidity’, which causes a lot of sinus problems. I noticed years ago, when I went to Italy, I totally lost all sinus probs, then they returned within two days of returning home! The sea is so much better for the human body, but I DO love living along this sometimes dangerous lake!

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