After doing quite a bit of Spring cleaning…

…you know, the easy stuff like a closet, floors, a shelf unit, sorting paperwork.

Bored with that, I decided to take a walk to the lake shore.

Silly girl!

Though the sun had popped out a bit earlier, the biting wind was straight off the lake, blowing about 12 mph, and the waves were roaring!

I made my way to a red canoe which was somewhat out of the wind, thinking,

“Someone’s a bit early preparing to get out on the water, aren’t they?”

Red Canoe-1

It looked so pretty against a bluish sky, so I walked on over.

Much to my surprise, it looked like this:

Quite full of water!

Quite full of water!


REALLY quite full of water!

REALLY quite full of water!

Well, at least it doesn’t leak!

6 responses to “After doing quite a bit of Spring cleaning…

    • Thank you, and it is a beautiful place to live, Googsy. In the summertime, though, the storms can be very dangerous…lightning strikes continuously about 400 yards from shore, and it gets kind of scary. But I do love the water, and this lake seems to look different each time I photograph it!

  1. How weird, I can’t help wondering why it was full of water, and how long had it been sitting there with water in it. Great find. I love the contrast of the red against the normal scene there. I can actually feel the cold.

    • It had rained, Leanne, but not that much, so I figure the water is mostly melted snow. A couple of good snowstorms must have filled this watertight canoe…and the owner did not check on his beloved craft to turn it and empty it. There’s a story in that…perhaps?

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